A downloadable game for Windows

Team Name: Shrinkmeister

Content made before jam: Heavy use of Supergrid for levels, including materials. Extended from third person template, mannequin without logo.

Puzzle game / platformer where your character can shrink and grow. Pretty short but works as proof of concept.

Menu controls: Back key in main menu starts game with a controller, start pause / unpause. Rest of the controls with mouse.

Game controls:

Controller: Left Shoulder Button / Right Shoulder Button to Shrink / Grow, A to Jump, X to change between 1st person and 3rd person.

M+KB: LMB/RMB of F/G to shrink / grow, spacebar to jump, V to to change between first person and third person.

Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


Shrinkmeister_SizeMaze.exe 115 MB


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interesting gameplay mechanics, I am  curious did you all use morph targets to create the character height or is that a scale modifier? 

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More of the latter, but it is still a kind of a stupid hack. I know of quite a few ways to break apart the physics / collision engine right now...

I'm iterating on the design and fixing issues, seeing where I can get by going down this route. The updates won't be reflected on this though, obviously, as it is a jam entry.